Josimar Külkamp

Investigador postdoctoral
Especialidad: Systematics and Biogeography of the Acalyphoideae, Euphorbiaceae
2023Mendes, J.C.R., Külkamp, J., Bigio, N.C., Torres-Leite, F., Pereira-Silva, R.A. (2023). Dalechampia seccoi (Euphorbiaceae), a threatened new species from Southeastern Brazil. Acta Botanica Brasilica 37:e20230027. Open Access
2023Külkamp, J., Riina, R., Ramírez-Amezcua, Y., Iganci, J.R.V., Cordeiro, I., González-Paramo, R., Lara-Cabrera, S., Baumgratz, J.F.A. (2023). Systematics of Ditaxinae and Related Lineages within the Subfamily Acalyphoideae (Euphorbiaceae) Based on Molecular Phylogenetics. Biology 12(2):173. Open Access
2022BFG [The Brazil Flora Group]. (2022). Brazilian Flora 2020: Leveraging the power of a collaborative scientific network. Taxon 71(1):178-198. Open Access
2022Mendes, J.C.R., Bigio, N.C., Külkamp, J., Pereira-Silva, R.A. (2022). Synoptic treatment of Dalechampia (Euphorbiaceae) from Espírito Santo, Brazil: distribution, morphology, illustration and new occurrences. Rodriguesia 73:e00412021. Open Access
2021Külkamp, J., Iganci, J.R.V., Cordeiro, I., Baumgratz, J.F.A. (2021). New species and occurrences of Caperonia (Euphorbiaceae) for South America. Phytotaxa 529:86-92. DOI
2020Külkamp, J., Iganci, J.R.V., Cordeiro, I., Baumgratz, J.F.A. (2020). Ditaxis (Euphorbiaceae) from the Brazilian Caatinga, including a new species. Phytotaxa 455(2):152-160. DOI
2020Plá, C., Külkamp, J., Heiden, G., Lughadha, E.N., Iganci, J.R.V. (2020). The importance of the Brazilian Subtropical Highland Grasslands evidenced by a taxonomically verified endemic species list. Phytotaxa 452(4):250-267. DOI
2020Külkamp, J., Fraga, C.N., Iganci, J.R.V. (2020). Taxonomic revision of Joannesia (Euphorbiaceae), an endemic genus of Brazil with two geographically disjunct species. Phytotaxa 443(2):144-154. DOI
2018Külkamp, J., da Silva, O.L.M., Valduga, E., Iganci, J.R.V., Cordeiro, I., Baumgratz, J.F.A. (2018). First record of Euphorbia pedersenii Subils (Euphorbiaceae) for Brazil. Phytotaxa 379(4):287-292. DOI
2018BFG [The Brazil Flora Group]. (2018). Brazilian flora 2020: Innovation and collaboration to meet target 1 of the global strategy for plant conservation (GSPC). Rodriguesia 69(4):1513-1527. Open Access
2018da Silva, C.R., Külkamp, J. (2018). Valeriana iganciana (Valerianaceae), a new species from the highland grasslands of Serra do Tabuleiro, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Phytotaxa 364(3):275-282. DOI
2018Külkamp, J., Baumgratz, J.F.A., Cordeiro, I., Iganci, J.R.V. (2018). (2636) Proposal to conserve the name chiropetalum against desfontaena (euphorbiaceae). Taxon 67(4):817-818. Open Access
2018Külkamp, J., Heiden, G., Iganci, J.R.V. (2018). Endemic plants from the Southern Brazilian Highland Grasslands. Rodriguesia 69(2):429-440. Open Access
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