Javier Diéguez Uribeondo

Investigador científico.
Especialidad: Biología, Sistemática y Evolución de hongos parásitos. Director del Máster Oficial en Biodiversidad Tropical y su Conservación
Perfil profesional

My research includes investigations on biology, systematics and evolution of parasitic fungi. More specifically my research lines deals with:

  • Phylogeny of Oomycetes: genus AphanomycesSaprolegniaAchlya and Pythium.
  • Modeling: (1) plant-fungal coevolution models. Description of infection structures of Urocystis and Anthracoidea (Basidiomycetes), and Colletotrichum (Ascomycetes); (2) host colonization processes and disease forecasting in ColletotrichumFusarium, Aphanomyces and Saprolegnia; (3) hyphal morphogenesis, hyphoid model in Saprolegniales (Oomycetes).
  • Conservation biology: biology of invasive fungal species (Aphanomyces astaci, Oomycetes), fungal parasitic species involved in emergent diseases (oomycetous species Saprolegnia diclinaSaprolegnia ferax), Fusarium spp., and Colletotrichum spp. (Ascomycetes).
Artículos científicos
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