Francisco Pando de la Hoz

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Artículos científicos
2018Assou, D., Segniagbeto, G.H., Radji, R., Akiti, J., Pando, F. (2018). Monitoring data of marine turtles on the Togolese coast during 2012-2013. ZooKeys 779:109-118. Open Access
2018Pando, F., Heredia, I., Aedo, C., Velayos, M., Lloret, I., Calvo, J. (2018). Deep learning for weed identification based on seed images. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 2:e25749. DOI
2018Pando, F. (2018). Comparison of species information TDWG standards from the point of view of the Plinian Core specification. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 2:e25869. DOI
2018Radji, R., Adjonou, K., Quashie. M.L.A., Sodjinou, K.E., Pando, F., Kokou, K. (2018). Togo National Herbarium database. PhytoKeys 109:1-16. Open Access
2017Aedo, C., Pando, F. (2017). A distribution and taxonomic reference dataset of Geranium in the New World. Scientific Data 4: e170049. Open Access
2017Izquierdo J.L., Pando F. (2017). The algae names and collection of the Spanish Phycologist Pedro González Guerrero. Anales del Jardin Botanico de Madrid 74(1):e47. Open Access
2017Heredia, I., Lloret, L., Marco, J., Pando, F. (2017). A workbench for species identification based on images and deep learning techniques. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 1:e20569. DOI
2017Pando, F. (2017). Quantifying quality: the "Apparent Quality Index", a measure of data quality for occurrence datasets. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 1:e20533. DOI
2016Pando F., Dueñas M., Lado C., Telleria M.T. (2016). The Flora Mycologica Iberica Project fungi occurrence dataset. MycoKeys 15:59-72. Open Access
2021Parker-Allie, F., Pando, F., Telenius, A., Ganglo, J.C., Vélez, D., Gibbons, M.J., Talavan, A., Raymond, M., Russell, L., Talukdar, G., Vargas, M., Radji, R., Koivula, H., Heughebaert, A., Endresen, D., Amariles-García, D., Osawa, T. (2021). Towards a Post-Graduate Level Curriculum for Biodiversity Informatics. Perspectives from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Community. Biodiversity Data Journal 9:1-25. Open Access
1998Aedo, C., Muñoz Garmendia,,F., Pando, F. (1998). World checklist of Geranium L. (Geraniaceae). Anales del Jardin Botanico de Madrid 56(2):211-252. Open Access
1998Lado, C., Pando, F., Rico, V.J. (1998). The nomenclatural status of Reticularia (myxomycetes). Taxon 47(1):109-111. DOI
2000Pando, F., Oltra, M. (2000). On the spore wall of Echinostelium elachiston (Myxomycetes). Mycotaxon 74(2):495-498.
1997Pando, F. (1997). A new species and a synonymy in echinostelium (myxomycetes). Mycotaxon 64:343-348. Open Access
1997Pando, F. (1997). Measuring spores fast and accurately with a drawing tube and a computer. Mycologist 11(4):173-174. DOI
2022Martínez-Sagarra, G., Castilla, F., Pando, F. (2022). Seven Hundred Projects in iNaturalist Spain: Performance and Lessons Learned. Sustainability 14(17):11093. Open Access
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