Esteban Manrique Reol

Profesor de Investigación | Director del Real Jardín Botánico
Especialidad: Cambio Global y efectos de la deposición atmosférica de nitrógeno en los ecosistemas mediterráneos
Artículos científicos
2017Cabal C., Ochoa-Hueso R., Pérez-Corona M.E., Manrique E. (2017). Long-term simulated nitrogen deposition alters the plant cover dynamics of a Mediterranean rosemary shrubland in Central Spain through defoliation. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24(34):26227-26237. DOI
2017Lo Cascio M., Morillas L., Ochoa-Hueso R., Munzi S., Roales J., Hasselquist N.J., Manrique E., Spano D., Jaoudé R.A., Mereu S. (2017). Contrasting effects of nitrogen addition on soil respiration in two Mediterranean ecosystems. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24(34):26160-26171. DOI
2017Dias T., Crous C.J., Liberati D., Munzi S., Gouveia C., Ulm F., Afonso A.C., Ochoa-Hueso R., Manrique E., Sheppard L., Martins-Loução M.A., Bernardes da Silva A., Cruz C. (2017). Alleviating Nitrogen Limitation in Mediterranean Maquis Vegetation Leads to Ecological Degradation. Land Degradation and Development 28(8):2482-2492. DOI
2015Martínez-García L.B., Ochoa-Hueso R., Manrique E., Pugnaire F.I. (2015). Different mycorrhizal fungal strains determine plant community response to nitrogen and water availability. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 178(1):146-154. DOI
2014Ochoa-Hueso R., Manrique E. (2014). Impacts of altered precipitation, nitrogen deposition and plant competition on a Mediterranean seed bank. Journal of Vegetation Science 25(5):1289-1298. DOI
2014Ochoa-Hueso R., Bell M.D., Manrique E. (2014). Impacts of increased nitrogen deposition and altered precipitation regimes on soil fertility and functioning in semiarid Mediterranean shrublands. Journal of Arid Environments 104:106-115. DOI
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2014Ochoa-Hueso R., Arróniz-Crespo M., Bowker M.A., Maestre F.T., Pérez-Corona M.E., Theobald M.R., Vivanco M.G., Manrique E. (2014). Biogeochemical indicators of elevated nitrogen deposition in semiarid Mediterranean ecosystems. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 186(9):5831-5842. DOI
2013Ochoa-Hueso R., Pérez-Corona M.E., Manrique E. (2013). Impacts of Simulated N Deposition on Plants and Mycorrhizae from Spanish Semiarid Mediterranean Shrublands. Ecosystems 16(5):838-851. DOI
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2013Ochoa-Hueso R., Manrique E. (2013). Effects of nitrogen deposition on growth and physiology of pleurochaete squarrosa (Brid.) Lindb.; A terricolous moss from mediterranean ecosystems. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 224(4):1492. DOI
2013Ochoa-Hueso R., Mejías-Sanz V., Pérez-Corona M.E., Manrique E. (2013). Nitrogen deposition effects on tissue chemistry and phosphatase activity in Cladonia foliacea (Huds.) Willd., a common terricolous lichen of semi-arid Mediterranean shrublands. Journal of Arid Environments 88:78-81. DOI
2011Ochoa-Hueso R., Allen E.B., Branquinho C., Cruz C., Dias T., Fenn M.E., Manrique E., Pérez-Corona M.E., Sheppard L.J., Stock W.D. (2011). Nitrogen deposition effects on Mediterranean-type ecosystems: An ecological assessment. Environmental Pollution 159(10):2265-2279. DOI
2011Ochoa-Hueso R., Hernandez R.R., Pueyo J.J., Manrique E. (2011). Spatial distribution and physiology of biological soil crusts from semi-arid central Spain are related to soil chemistry and shrub cover. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 43(9):1894-1901. DOI
2011Balaguer L., Arroyo-García R., Jiménez P., Jiménez M.D., Villegas L., Cordero I., de Casas R.R., Fernández-Delgado R., Ron M.E., Manrique E., Vargas P., Cano E., Pueyo J.J., Aronson J. (2011). Forest restoration in a fog oasis: Evidence indicates need for cultural awareness in constructing the reference. PLoS ONE 6(8):e23004. DOI
2011de Casas R.R., Vargas P., Pérez-Corona E., Manrique E., García-Verdugo C., Balaguer L. (2011). Sun and shade leaves of Olea europaea respond differently to plant size, light availability and genetic variation. Functional Ecology 25(4):802-812. DOI
2011Ochoa-Hueso R., Manrique E. (2011). Effects of nitrogen deposition and soil fertility on cover and physiology of Cladonia foliacea (Huds.) Willd., a lichen of biological soil crusts from Mediterranean Spain. Environmental Pollution 159(2):449-457. DOI
2010Coba De La Peña T., Redondo F.J., Manrique E., Lucas M.M., Pueyo J.J. (2010). Nitrogen fixation persists under conditions of salt stress in transgenic Medicago truncatula plants expressing a cyanobacterial flavodoxin. Plant Biotechnology Journal 8(9):954-965. DOI
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2008Rincón A., Arenal F., González I., Manrique E., Lucas M.M., Pueyo J.J. (2008). Diversity of rhizobial bacteria isolated from nodules of the gypsophyte Ononis tridentata L. growing in Spanish soils. Microbial Ecology 56(2):223-233. DOI
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2021Lo Cascio, M., Morillas, L., Ochoa-Hueso, R., Delgado-Baquerizo, M., Munzi, S., Roales, J., Spano, D., Cruz, C., Gallardo, A., Manrique, E., Pérez-Corona, M.E., Dias, T., Sirca, C., Mereu, S. (2021). Nitrogen Deposition Effects on Soil Properties, Microbial Abundance, and Litter Decomposition Across Three Shrublands Ecosystems From the Mediterranean Basin. Frontiers in Environmental Science 9:709391. Open Access
Capítulos de libros
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