Irene Villa Machío

Investigadora postdoctoral
Perfil profesional

I am a postdoctoral researcher interested in evolutionary patterns and processes that contribute to plant biodiversity. My research addresses questions related to evolutionary biology using genomic approaches (GBS, RADseq, HybSeq). I conduct multidisciplinary research involving phylogenomics, phylogeography and population genetics studies, as well as demographic and distribution modelling of species, including ecological niche of species.

2022Otero, A., Vargas, P., Fernández-Mazuecos, M., Jiménez-Mejías, P., Valcárcel, V., Villa-Machío, I., Hipp, A.L. (2022). A snapshot of progenitor-derivative speciation in Iberodes(Boraginaceae). Molecular Ecology 33(11):3192-3209. Open Access
2022Villa-Machío, I., Zamora, J.C., Sandoval-Sierra, J.V., Blanco-Pastor, J.L., Fernández-Mazuecos, M., Jiménez-Mejías, P. (2022). Insect pollination in temperate sedges? A case study in Rhynchospora alba (Cyperaceae). Plant Biosystems 156(1):196-202. Open Access
2020Villa-Machío, I., Fernández de Castro, A.G., Fuertes-Aguilar, J., Nieto Feliner, G. (2020). Colonization history of the Canary Islands endemic Lavatera acerifolia, (Malvaceae) unveiled with genotyping-by-sequencing data and niche modelling. Journal of Biogeography 47(4):993-1005. DOI
2018Villa-Machío, I., Fernández de Castro, A.G., Fuertes-Aguilar, J., Nieto Feliner, G. (2018). Out of North Africa by different routes: phylogeography and species distribution model of the western Mediterranean Lavatera maritima (Malvaceae). Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 187(3):441-455. DOI
2017Fuertes Aguilar, J., Villa-Machío, I. (2017). Claves moleculares de la biodiversidad vegetal. Revista de la Sociedad Española de Bioquímica y Biología Molecular 193:15-18. Open Access
2017Nieto Feliner G., Álvarez I., Fuertes-Aguilar J., Heuertz M., Marques I., Moharrek F., Piñeiro R., Riina R., Rosselló J.A., Soltis P.S., Villa-Machío I. (2017). Is homoploid hybrid speciation that rare? An empiricist's view. Heredity 118:513-516. DOI
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