Enrique Lara Pandi

Científico Titular
Especialidad: Diversidad, ecología, biogeografía y evolución de los micro-organismos eucarióticos en sistemas terrestres, marinos y de agua dulce.
Perfil profesional

My scientific interests include the diversity, ecology and evolution of those microbes that are not bacteria but belong to Domain Eukarya, i.e. the protists. We know today that the diversity of these poorly known organisms largely overtakes that of plants and animals taken together. There are, thus, an open field for discovery!

Several human lifespans would not be sufficient to describe the immensity of protist diversity, which still remains mostly unsuspected. I had therefore to specialize my research in continental systems (soil, inland water bodies and coastal systems) and on a particular group, testate amoebae.

The first task consists in building a sound systematical framework for testate amoebae, based on integrative taxonomy. This information constitutes the indispensable base on which later works can be built, including the following research directions:

  • Studying the recent and ancient evolutionary history of testate amoebae groups using phylogenetic and -genomic approaches.
  • Inferring the distribution patterns of species, both globally (biogeography) and between ecosystems.
  • Characterizing the molecular adaptations of testate amoebae species to environmental stressors through a transcriptomic approach.
  • On a more applied aspect, using testate amoebae communities inferred through metabarcoding as indicators of environmental health.
Artículos científicos
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