Maintenance collection

Bonsáis are plants that requiere daily, continous and specialized attention. The most difficult gardening techniques are used. It takes years to form an aesthetically successful specimen. When the plant acquires the sufficient strength and maturity, dramatic changes can be achieved by the technique of pruning, but more years must pass for the bonsai to become balanced again. Repotting, which is carried out every two or three years, places the plant in an extremely critical situation which requires great skill and experience. It is at this stage that resounding failures are most likely to take place. Throughout the year, apart from daily watering and inspection, in order to maintain the desired aesthetics, other tasks must be attended to, such as trimming, pruning, fertilizing, phytosanitary treatment, wiring and unwiring. In large collections such as that of the Botanical Gardens a workshop and greenhouse are indispensable. It is only with great dedication and enthusiasm that the collection can be made worthy of exhibit.

Greenhouse of the  bonsai coleection



Real Jardín Botánico
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