Plant Evolutionary Biology: Scientific personnel

Nombre E-mail Especialidad Region geográfica
post-doctoral researchers (temporary staff)
Josselin Cornuault

Evolution, biogeography in islands, Bayesian models

Mediterranean region, Macaronesia, Indian Ocean
Tamara Villaverde

Systematics, evolution and biogeography of flowering plants; disjunct distributions

pre-doctoral researchers (temporary staff)
Alicia Agudo

Sistemática y Biología Reproductiva del género Anacyclus.

Mediterranean region
Alberto J. Coello

Evolución, biogeografía, islas oceánicas

Mediterranean region, Macaronesia
Viky Culshaw

Estimation of abiotic-time-dependent speciation and extinction rates with a specific interest in taxa that exhibit the Rand Flora distribution: Canarina, Campylanthus, Camptoloma, Cicer, Pl Mediterranean Region, Macaronesia, Africa

María Leo Montes

Island biogeography, terrestrial plant ecology

Oceanic archipelagos, Mediterranean region
Researcher staff
Inés Álvarez Fernández

Systematics and evolution in vascular plants. Asteraceae and Gossypium (Malvaceae)

Javier Fuertes Aguilar

Molecular markers applied to plant evolution. Evolutionary development genetics (evo-devo). Malvaceae

Mediterranean region, Neotropics
Gonzalo Nieto Feliner

Angiosperm phylogeny and phylogeography. Natural hybridisation and its effects on Evolution.

Ricarda Riina

Sistemática, evolución, biogeografía, Euphorbiaceae, florística.

Isabel Sanmartín Bastida

Biogeography: Analytic tools and biogeographic reconstruction of lineages and biota

Mediterranean region, Macaronesia, Neotropics
Pablo Vargas Gómez

Molecular systematics of vascular plants

Mediterranean region, Macaronesia
post-doctoral researchers (temporary staff)
Mario Fernández-Mazuecos

Evolution, biogeography, ecology and conservation of vascular plants 

Mediterranean region, Macaronesia
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