Terraza de los bonsais  

Visiting the bonsai collection

The bonsais are located in three different areas, the Paseo de los Laureles, the Glorieta del Estanque and the Glorieta de la Noria.

Some fifty specimens are on exhibition. Depending on the season, each specimen is moved to the site that is considered most appropriate for sunlight and temperature. As we go up the Paseo de los Laureles, the smaller specimens are to be seen, placed on pedestals of granite as far as the Glorieta del Estanque. At this rotunda we come to the two great woods, along with the larger specimens and other more select types. As we go down the four steps towards the greenhouse yard, in the shade of a linden tree, two other specimens of great value are on display.

From the Glorieta del Estanque the most advantageous view of the Garden can be enjoyed, with a view of monumental trees, the greenhouses, the Puerta de Murillo, and further in the background, the Prado Museum. From there we go down towards the Glorieta de la Noria, where over a dozen bonsais are exhibited, aptly set upon appropriate wooden benches and tables.


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