The Real Jardín Botánico and GBIF



The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) is an intergovernmental organization established in 2001. The mission of GBIF is to promote and enable free and open access to biodiversity data worldwide via the Internet to underpin science, conservation and sustainable development. It provides access to more than 543 million records worldwide from nearly 15,000 biodiversity databases.  Data and their metadata are available through GBIF's data portals (, GBIF is set-up as a network of national nodes with an International Secretariat in Copenhagen.


Spain is a founding member of GBIF. The Ministry of Science and Technology (whose functions are currently undertaken by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness), is responsible for the implementation of GBIF in Spain. The Ministry commissioned CSIC (Higher Council for Scientific Research) to develop, implement, and coordinate the activities of GBIF in Spain. CSIC, with support and advice from the National Museum of Natural Science and the Royal Botanic Garden of Madrid, put in place the GBIF-Spain's Coordination Unit in June 2003, located at the latter institute. GBIF Spain, also known as the "National Biodiversity Information Node" (, is articulated as a distributed infrastructure, comprising  research institutes, universities, public administrations, NGOs, etc. from all regions in Spain, counting at this moment (June 2015)  75 entities from all over the country. The Spanish GBIF network currently publishes via GBIF over  11 million biodiversity records, under a common standard, including quality control procedures and mechanisms for data evaluation and reuse (metadata, APIs, search engines, etc.).


Spain is at the head of other European countries in biodiversity  data usage, as is clear from the GBIF's statistics; with almost 52,000 visits in 2014 to the GBIF portal, Spain is second only to the US (175,949) and Germany (66,003) in terms of number of queries. The high use made of the GBIF infrastructure in our country is an indicator of the weight of biodiversity research in Spain, and of the relevance and consolidation of GBIF in Spain as a novel research infrastructure.




Real Jardín Botánico
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