Laguna del Marquesado, Cuenca (Foto: S. Cirujano)


Marquesado lake (Cuenca, Spain)


Ecology, Conservation of aquatic macrophytes and Global Change

The line of ecology, conservation of aquatic macrophytes and global change gives rise to general studies of continental aquatic plants, furthering knowledge of their ecology, spatial and temporal distribution, diversity and value, as well as study of their uses as indicators of aquatic ecosystem quality in the context of the European Directive on Water and of global change. This line, in turn, will focus on devising management models that permit ecosystem sustainability in the context of global change and eutrophication problems arising from land use.

Use of remote sensing and/or GIS to distinguish plant formations and demarcate biological activity enable us to improve descriptions of the features of aquatic ecosystems and changes in the vegetation associated with them and to make that knowledge more accessible. This new line is complemented by the application of aquatic plants to environmental biorremediation and the implementation of new technologies to recover the environmental quality of continental wetlands.

Although this new line of research is aiming for consolidation and further development, some team members have been working continuously in these fields for over 30 years, their experience backed by numerous publications and a variety of different projects.


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