Scanning Electron Microscope


The scanning electron microscope is available to users from outside the RJB. It must be used by or under the supervision of the technician in charge, Dr. Yolanda Ruiz, who is also responsible for reserving sessions (9:00-14:00) for users.


RJB users have priority over outside users in the allocation of these services. Except in exceptional circumstances, reservations must be made no more than 2 weeks in advance and no more than two days a week may be reserved per user. Reservations are personal and non-transferable. Before the start of the reserved session, a half-hour courtesy period will be allowed before allowing another user to use the equipment.




The Scanning Electron Microscopy Service has the following equipment:

  • Q150R S Cathodic Spray Metallizer (Quorum Technologies LTD)
  • Sample preparation station by critical point K850 Critical Point Drier (Quorum Technologies LTD)
  • Hitachi S3000N Scanning Electron Microscope, with secondary and backscattered electron detector.



The services provided will be charged to the heads of research groups or to project's principal investigators at the current rates.





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