Restoration and Conservation


  • Monitoring collections (controlling the physical, chemical and biological stability of the material).
  • Monitoring the deposit and consultation areas.
    • Treatment and preparation of materials for exhibitions.
    • Controlling the conservation of materials during exhibitions inside and outside the museum (reports on the state of conservation of items for loan, study of mountings, study of suitability of rooms, etc.).
    • Preparation of facsimiles for exhibition, when the conditions of the exhibition room or of the original represent a risk to the heritage.
  • Systematisation of the direct protection systems.
    • Preventive conservation
    • Installing collections
  • Advice on alternative systems of access to funds to the direct handling of pieces.
    • Supporting the digital library
  • Restoring holdings that require intervention.
    • Rebinding books

Restoration and  Conservation:
Gloria Pérez de Rada Cavanilles. Phone.: +34 91 420 30 17, ext. 260

Real Jardín Botánico
Real Jardín Botánico, CSIC. Plaza de Murillo, 2. Madrid E-28014 (ESPAÑA). Tel. +34 91 4203017. FAX: +34 91 4200157
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