Collections from Scientific Expeditions

These collections basically comprise the plants collected during scientific expeditions undertaken in the 18th and 19th centuries. The collections include drawings and engravings as well as plants.

American herbaria:
Ruiz & Pavón Herbarium
Mutis Herbarium
Sessé & Mociño Herbarium
Neé Herbarium
Boldo Herbarium
Isern Herbarium

Philippines Herbaria:
Blanco & Llanos Herbarium
Vidal Herbarium

American Herbaria: Ruiz & Pavón Herbarium
Origin: Botanical Expedition to the Viceroyalty of Peru and Chile (1777-1788).
Participating botanists: Hipólito Ruiz, José Pavón, Joseph Dombey (calligraphy) and Juan Tafalla (calligraphy).
Countries: Peru, Chile and Ecuador.
Results: 2264 drawings and 3000 species. Published by Ruiz and Pavón: 1900 descriptions and 658 drawings.
Herbaria: MA (main collection, 10,000 sheets), AMES, B, BC, BM, BR, B-Willd, CGE, F, FI, FW, G, H, HAL, K, LE, MAF, MO, MPU, MW, NY, OXF, P, US, W.

American Herbaria: Mutis Herbarium
Origin: Royal Botanical Expedition to the Viceroyalty of New Granada (1783-1808 (1816).
Participating botanists: José Celestino Mutis, Francisco José de Caldas, Sinforoso Mutis.
Countries: Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.
Results: 6717 drawings and 6000 species. 306 of Mutis's taxons were published by Linnaeus, Linneo fil., Humboldt & Bonpland, Cavanilles and certain botanists of the 20th century.
Herbaria: MA (main collection, 20,000 sheets, with 2,738 different taxons), BM, COL, F, G, K, LINN, MEDEL, NY, P, S, SBT, ST, UPS, US.

American Herbaria: Sessé & Mociño Herbarium
Origin: Royal Botanical Expedition to New Spain (1787-1803).
Participating botanists: Martín de Sessé, José Mariano Mociño, Juan Castillo, Jaime Senseve.
Countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Puerto Rico, California, Nootka Bay.
Results: 1335 drawings and 3500 species (200 new genera and 2500 species new to science). Cavanilles, Lagasca, Gómez Ortega, Decandolle and other botanists published new species based on Sessé and Mociño's plants and drawings. Sessé and Mociño's manuscripts were published in Mexico between 1893 and 1994.
Herbaria: MA (main collection, 7,100 sheets), BM, F, FI, G, G-DC, K, MO, NY, OXF, US.

American Herbaria: Neé Herbarium
Origin: This collection was produced by the expedition around the world in 1789-1794 in the frigate captained by Alejandro Malaspina (the "Malaspina Expedition").
Participating botanists: Luis Neé and Thaddaeus Haenke.
Countries: Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Gulf of Alaska, Nootka Archipielago, Guam, Philippines, Sunda Islands, Maluku Islands, New Guinea, New Zealand and New Holland..
Results: 370 drawings and 30,000 plants.
Herbaria: MA (main Neé collection, 12,000 species), B, C, DS, F, FI, KIEL, MPU, NY, PR (main Haenke collection, 15 000)

American Herbaria: Boldo Herbarium
Origin: Collected by the Royal Guantánamo Commission, also called the Count Mopox Expedition to Cuba (1796-1802).
Participating botanists: Baltasar Manuel Boldo, José Estévez.
Countries: Cuba (Havana) and the United States.
Results: 66 drawings and 2,000 specimens.
Herbaria: MA.

American Herbaria: Isern Herbarium
Origin: From the Pacific Scientific Commission (1862-1866).
Botanist: Juan Isern Batlló. Naturalists: Marcos Jiménez de la Espada, Martínez y Sáez, Patricio Paz y Membiela.
Countries: Spain (Tenerife), Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.
Results: 8,176 species. Some of Isern's plants were published by R. A. Philippi, Cuatrecasas, Sleumer, Trelease and others.
Herbaria: MA (main collection, 25,000 specimens, including 1,309 SGO species with specimens from R.A. Philippi and 40 species collected in Ecuador by W. Jameson), B, GB, ILL, SI, US.

Philipines Herbaria: Blanco & Llanos Herbarium
Botanists: Francisco Manuel Blanco (1778-1845) and Antonio Llanos (1806-1881).
Countries: Philippines.
Results: 400 species. 300 descriptions published by Blanco and Llanos.
Herbaria: FI, G, L, MA (260 species found in 1955).

Philipines Herbaria: Vidal Herbarium
Origin: Philippines Forest Flora Commission (1871-).
Botanist: Sebastián Vidal y Soler (1842-1889).
Countries: Philippines.
Results: 8,000 species collected. 69 descriptions published by Vidal.
Herbaria: MA (main collection, 25,000 specimens), FI, G, K, L, P, PNH.

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