Fungi collection: MA-Fungi and MA-FunHist

Description of the collection

This comprises over 100,000 sheets subdivided into two collections: 26,972 in the historical collection (MA-FunHist) and 76,634 in MA-Fungi. The historical collection comprises sheets included before 1976 which have been left in their original format. It contains 26,977 specimens, half of which are of Spanish origin and the remainder from Europe and America. The most important historical collections include those of González Fragoso, Unamuno, Urríes, Zubía, etc. The MA-Fungi collection currently comprises over 75,000 sheets, most of which are from the Iberian Peninsula. The most fully represented groups are: Myxomycetes, Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes, particularly Agaricales, Aphyllophorales and Gasteromycetes. The L.M. García Bona and L. Cabo Rey herbaria have recently been included.

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