Systematic section:
Algae collection (MA-Algae), No. sheets: over 10,000
Bryophyte collection (MA-Musci and MA-Hepat), No. sheets: over 37,000 (32,832 in MA-Musci and 4,548 in MA-Hepat)
Lichen collection (MA-Lichen), No. sheets: 17,376
Fungi collection (MA-Fungi) (Fungi included since 1976) and (MA-Funhist) (Fungi included prior to 1976) No. sheets: over 100,000
Vascular plants collection (MA), No. specimens: over 1,000,000

Collections from Scientific Expeditions

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American herbaria:

  • Ruiz & Pavón Herbarium
  • Mutis Herbarium
  • Sessé & Mociño Herbarium
  • Neé Herbarium
  • Boldo Herbarium
  • Isern Herbarium

Philippines Herbaria:

  • Blanco & Llanos Herbarium
  • Vidal Herbarium

Complementary collection
Specimens conserved in fluids, gymnosperm cones, fruit and seeds, wood samples, etc. In the herbarium there is always an intercalated sheet with an orange label marked "Colección complementaria" (Complementary collection) giving its sequence number in the collection.

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