Josselin Cornuault
  • Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow
  • Speciality:

    Evolution, biogeography in islands, Bayesian models

  • Geographical region:Mediterranean region, Macaronesia, Indian Ocean
  • Line of research: Plant evolutionary biology
  • Professional profile

    My research, through the project Community Assembly on Islands: A phylogenetic Bayesian approach (BAYESLAND), Marie Sklodowska-Curie ActionsMSCA-IF-EF-ST- 708207 -, aims to bring new knowledge about what drives migration of species among islands, in particular in the Canary archipelago. Sequencing the DNA of numerous groups of endemic plants and animals allows us determining the evolutionary relationships of these species, that is best described by a phylogenetic tree whose branches represent lineages diversifying with time into a variety of species. The phylogeny, coupled with the knowledge of the current geographic distribution of species, allows getting insights into the processes driving species to migrate between islands, across the ocean.


    BAYESLAND aims to develop new mathematical models to understand why some species migrate more than others, estimate the importance of migration between populations of the same species, what is the relative importance of geographic versus ecological factors in determining the frequency of migration events. Understanding past migration patterns and processes is important to understand the plasticity of current ecosystems. Within which geographic perimeter do species move so much that they form genetically homogenous populations? How rapidly can species shift their geographic distribution to respond to human disturbance or climate change?



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    Selected Publications
  • Ibiapino, A.; Báez M.; García, M.A.; Costea, M.; Stefanovic, S.; Pedrosa-Harand, A. 2022. Karyotype asymmetry in Cuscuta L. subgenus Pachystigma reflects its repeat DNA composition. Chromosome Research [in press].
  • Blázquez, M.; Hernández-Moreno, L.S.; Gasulla, F.; Pérez-Vargas, I.; Pérez-Ortega, S. 2022. The Role of Photobionts as Drivers of Diversification in an Island Radiation of Lichen-Forming Fungi. Frontiers in Microbiology 12:784182.
  • Gomard, Y.; Cornuault, J.; Licciardi, S.; Lagadec, E.; Belqat, B.; Dsouli, N.; Mavingui, P.; Tortosa, P. 2018. Evidence of multiple colonizations as a driver of black fly diversification in an oceanic island. PLoS ONE 13(8):e0202015.
  • Meseguer, A.S.; Lobo, J.M.; Cornuault, J.; Beerling, D.; Ruhfel, B.R.; Davis, C.C.; Jousselin, E.; Sanmartín, I. 2018. Reconstructing deep-time palaeoclimate legacies in the clusioid Malpighiales unveils their role in the evolution and extinction of the boreotropical flora. Global Ecology and Biogeography 27(5):616-628.
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  • Bourgeois, Y.X.C.; Bertrand, J.A.M.; Delahaie, B.; Cornuault, J.; Duval, T.; Milá, B.; Christophe, T. 2016. Candidate gene analysis suggests untapped genetic complexity in melanin-based pigmentation in birds. Journal of Heredity 107(4):327-335.
  • Cornuault, J.; Delahaie, B.; Bertrand, J.A.M.; Bourgeois, Y.X.C.; Milá, B.; Heeb, P.; Thébaud, C. 2015. Morphological and plumage colour variation in the Reunion grey white-eye (Aves: Zosterops borbonicus): assessing the role of selection. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 114(2):459-473.
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