María Leo Montes
  • PhD Student (FPI contract)
  • Speciality:

    Island biogeography, terrestrial plant ecology

  • Geographical region:Oceanic archipelagos, Mediterranean region
  • Line of research: Plant evolutionary biology
  • Professional profile

    My PhD is focused on the research of distributional patterns related to Long Distance Dispersal syndromes in oceanic archipelagoes. In order to disentangle the relationship between species distribution and their dispersal ability, I study fruits and seeds from vascular plants and the flight capability of some groups of terrestrial animals suchs as coleoptera or sauropsids. I employ a multidisciplicary approach that integrates phylogenetic studies, distributional patterns and stadistical modelling.


    Other lines of research I have previously worked are related with terrestrial plants ecology. I have worked with montane and alpine environments (mainly in the Pyrenees), multiscale patterns of richness in mediterranean riparian forests and ecological studies with bryophytes.


    Research Gate:


    Selected Publications
  • Calatayud, J.; Rodríguez, M.Á.; Molina-Venegas, R.; Leo, M.; Horreo, J.L.; Hortal, J. 2019. Pleistocene climate change and the formation of regional species pools. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 286(1905):20190291.
  • Leo, M.; Calleja, J.A.; Lara, F.; Garilleti, R.; Medina, N.G. 2019. Drivers of plant richness patterns of Mediterranean riparian forests at local and regional scales have bottom-up and top-down effects. Journal of Vegetation Science [in press].
  • Leo, M.; Lareo, A.; Garcia-Saura, C.; Hortal, J.; Medina, N.G. 2019. BtM, a Low-cost Open-source Datalogger to Estimate the Water Content of Nonvascular Cryptogams. Journal of visualized experiments, JoVE 145:e58700.
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    Real Jardín Botánico
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