Enrique Lara Pandi
  • Speciality:

    Diversity, ecology, biogeography and evolution of microbial eukaryotes in terrestrial, freshwater and marine systems.

  • Geographical region:Worldwide
  • Line of research: Fungi and bryophytes
  • Selected Publications
  • Fernández, L.D.; Seppey, C.V.W.; Singer, D.; Fournier, B.; Tatti, D.; Mitchell, E.A.D.; Lara, E. 2022. Niche Conservatism Drives the Elevational Diversity Gradient in Major Groups of Free.Living Soil Unicellular Eukaryotes. Microbial Ecology 83:459-469. 

  • González-Miguéns, R.; Soler-Zamora, C.; Villar-Depablo, M.; Todorov, M.; Lara, E. 2022. Multiple convergences in the evolutionary history of the testate amoeba family Arcellidae (Amoebozoa: Arcellinida: Sphaerothecina): when the ecology rules the morphology. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 194(4):1044-1071. 

  • Jassey, V.E.J.; Walcker, R.; Kardol, P.; Geisen, S.; Heger, T.; Lamentowicz, M.; Hamard, S.; Lara, E. 2022. Contribution of soil algae to the global carbon cycle. New Phytologist 234(1):64-76. 

  • Lara, E.; Singer, D.; Geisen, S. 2022. Discrepancies between prokaryotes and eukaryotes need to be considered in soil DNA-based studies. Environmental Microbiology [in press]. 

  • Malard, L.A.; Mod, H.K.; Guex, N.; Broennimann, O.; Yashiro, E.; Lara, E.; Mitchell, E.A.D.; Niculita-Hirzel, H.; Guisan, A. 2022. Comparative analysis of diversity and environmental niches of soil bacterial, archaeal, fungal and protist communities reveal niche divergences along environmental gradients in the Alps. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 169:108674. 

  • Mazel, F.; Malard, L.; Niculita-Hirzel, H.; Yashiro, E.; Mod, H.K.; Mitchell, E.A.D.; Singer, D.; Buri, A.; Pinto, E.; Guex, N.; Lara, E.; Guisan, A. 2022. Soil protist function varies with elevation in the Swiss Alps. Environmental Microbiology 22(4):1689-1702. 

  • Metz, S., Huber, P., Accattatis, V., Lopes dos Santos, A., Bigeard, E., Unrein, F., Chambouvet, A., Not, F., Lara, E., Devercelli, M. 2022. Freshwater protists: unveiling the unexplored in a large floodplain system. Environmental Microbiology 22(4):1731-1745. 

  • Wang, W.; Gao, X.; Ndayishimiye, J.C.; Lara, E.; Lahr, D.J.G.; Qian, H.; Ren, K.; Chen, H.; Yang, J. 2022. Population and molecular responses to warming in Netzelia tuberspinifera – An endemic and sensitive protist from East Asia. Science of the Total Environment 806(4):150897. 

  • Burdman, L.; Mataloni, G.; Mitchell, E.A.D.; Lara, E. 2021. A reassessment of testate amoebae diversity in Tierra del Fuego peatlands: Implications for large scale inferences. European Journal of Protistology 80:125806. 

  • Duckert, C.; Blandenier, Q.; McKeown, M.; Hohaia, H.; Luketa, S.; Wilmshurst, J.; Lara, E.; Mitchell, E.A.D. 2021. Superficially described and ignored for 92 years, rediscovered and emended: Apodera angatakere (Amoebozoa: Arcellinida: Hyalospheniformes) is a new flagship testate amoeba taxon from Aotearoa (New Zealand). Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 68(6):e12867. 

  • Dumack, K.; Duckert, C.; Meinhardt, R.; Lara, E.; Bonkowski, M. 2021. Description of Phaeobolaaeris gen. nov., sp. nov (Rhizaria, Cercozoa, Euglyphida) Sheds Light on Euglyphida’s Dark Matter. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 68(2):e12835. 

  • Hamard, S.; Céréghino, R.; Barret, M.; Sytiuk, A.; Lara, E.; Dorrepaal, E.; Kardol, P.; Küttim, M.; Lamentowicz, M.; Leflaive, J.; Le Roux, G.; Tuittila, E-S.; Jassey, V.E.J. 2021. Contribution of microbial photosynthesis to peatland carbon uptake along a latitudinal gradient. Journal of Ecology 109(9):3424-3441. 

  • Izaguirre, I.; Unrein, F.; Schiaffino, M.R.; Lara, E.; Singer, D.; Vanessa Balagué, V. 2021. Phylogenetic diversity and dominant ecological traits of freshwater. Polar Biology 44:941-957. 

  • Singer, D.; Seppey, C.V.W.; Lentendu, G.; Dunthorn, M.; Bass, D.; Belbahri, L.; Blandenier, Q.; Debroas, D.; de Groot, G.A.; de Vargas, C.; Domaizon, I.; Duckert C.; Izaguirre I.; Koenig I.; Mataloni G.; Schiaffino M.R.; Mitchell E.A.D.; Geisen S.; Lara E. 2021. Protist taxonomic and functional diversity in soil, freshwater and marine ecosystems. Environment International 146:106262. 

  • Soler-Zamora, C.; González-Miguéns, R.; Guillén-Oterino, A.; Lara, E. 2021. Arcellinida testate amoebae as climate miner's canaries in Southern Spain. European Journal of Protistology 81:125828. 

  • Dumack, K.; Görzen, D.; González-Miguéns, R.; Siemensma, F.; Lahr, D.J.G.; Lara, E.; Bonkowski, M. 2020. Molecular investigation of Phryganella acropodia Hertwig et Lesser, 1874 (Arcellinida, Amoebozoa). European Journal of Protistology 75:125707. 

  • Fournier, B.; Samaritani, E.; Frey, B.; Seppey, C.V.W.; Lara, E.; Heger, T.J.; Mitchell, E.A.D. 2020. Higher spatial than seasonal variation in floodplain soil eukaryotic microbial communities. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 147:107842. 

  • Geisen, S.; Lara, E.; Mitchell, E.A.D.; Völcker, E.; Krashevska, V. 2020. Soil protist life matters!. Soil organisms 92(3):189-196. 

  • Kosakyan, A., Siemensma, F., Fernández, L.D., Burdman, L., Krashevska, V., Lara, E. 2020.Protozoa. Amoebae. In: C. Damborenea, D.C. Rogers and J.H. Thorp. Thorp and Covich's Freshwater Invertebrates. 4th Edition, Volume 5: Keys to Neotropical and Antarctic Fauna. Academic Press. pp. 13-37.

  • Lara, E.; Dumack, K.; García-Martín, J.M.; Kudryavtsev, A.; Kosakyan, A. 2020. Amoeboid protist systematics: A report on the Systematics of amoeboid protists symposium at the VIIIth ECOP/ISOP meeting in Rome, 2019. European Journal of Protistology 76:125727. 

  • Macumber, A.L.; Blandenier, Q.; Todorov, M.; Duckert, C.; Lara, E.; Lahr, D.J.G.; Mitchell, E.A.D.; Roe, H.M. 2020. Phylogenetic divergence within the Arcellinida (Amoebozoa) is congruent with test size and metabolism type. European Journal of Protistology 72:125645. 

  • Marcisz, K.; Jassey, V.E.J.; Kosakyan, A.; Krashevska, V.; Lahr, D.J.G.; Lara, E.; Lamentowicz, L.; Lamentowicz, M.; Macumber, A.; Mazei, Y.; Mitchell, E.A.D.; Nasser, N.A.; Patterson, R.T.; Roe, H.M.; Singer, D.; Tsyganov, A.N.; Fournier, B. 2020. Testate Amoeba Functional Traits and Their Use in Paleoecology. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8:575966.. 

  • Mod, H.K.; Scherrer, D.; Di Cola, V.; Broennimann, O.; Blandenier, Q.; Breiner, F.T.; Buri, A.; Goudet, J.; Guex. N.; Lara, E.; Mitchell, E.A.D.; Niculita-Hirzel, H.; Pagni, M.; Pellissier, L.; Pinto-Figueroa, E.; Sanders, I.R.; Schmidt, B.R.; Seppey, C.V.W.; Singer, D.; Ursenbacher, S.; Yashiro, E.; van der Meer, J.R.; Guisan, A. 2020. Greater topoclimatic control of above- versus below-ground communities. Global Change Biology 6715-6728. 

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  • Seppey, C.V.W.; Broennimann, O.; Buri, A.; Yashiro, E.; Pinto-Figueroa, E.; Singer, D.; Blandenier, Q.; Mitchell, E.A.D.; Niculita-Hirzel, H.; Guisan, A.; Lara, E. 2020. Soil protist diversity in the Swiss western Alps is better predicted by topo climatic than by edaphic variables. Journal of Biogeography 47(4):866-878. 

  • Singer, D.; Duckert, C.; Hedenec, P.; Lara, E.; Hiltbrunner, E.; Mitchell, E.A.D. 2020. High-throughput sequencing of litter and moss eDNA reveals a positive correlation between the diversity of Apicomplexa and their invertebrate hosts across alpine habitats. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 147:107837. 

  • Velasco-González, I.; Sanchez-Jimenez, A.; Singer, D.; Murciano, A.; Díez-Hermano, S.; Lara, E.; Martín-Cereceda, M. 2020. Rain-Fed Granite Rock Basins Accumulate a High Diversity of Dormant Microbial Eukaryotes. Microbial Ecology 79:882-897. 

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  • Lara, E.; Fernández, L.D.; Schiaffino, M.R.; Izaguirre, I. 2017. First freshwater member ever reported for the family Bathycoccaceae (Chlorophyta; Archaeplastida) from Argentinean Patagonia revealed by environmental DNA survey. European Journal of Protistology 60:45-49.

    https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ejop.201 7.05.008
  • Pérez-Juárez, H.; Serrano-Vázquez, A.; Kosakyan, A.; Mitchell, E.A.D.; Rivera Aguilar, V.M.; Lahr, D.J.G.; Hernández Moreno, M.M.; Cuellar, H.M.; Eguiarte, L.E.; Lara, E. 2017. Quadrulella texcalense sp. nov. from a Mexican desert: An unexpected new environment for hyalospheniid testate amoebae. European Journal of Protistology 61(A):253-264.

    https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ejop.201 7.06.008
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