Iván García-Cunchillos
  • PhD student
  • Speciality: Biosystematic study of the order Trichiales (Myxomycetes, Amoebozoa) in the Neotropical region
  • Geographical region:Neotropics
  • Line of research: Fungi and bryophytes
  • Selected Publications
  • García-Cunchillos, I.; Estébanez, B.; Lado, C. . Spore ultrastructural features and significance of their diverse ornamentalelements in the evolutionary history of the order Trichiales (Myxomycetes,Amoebozoa). European Journal of Protistology 81:125839. 

  • García-Cunchillos, I.; Estébanez, B.; Lado, C. 2021. New Approach to the Ultrastructure of the Capillitium in the Order Trichiales (Myxomycetes, Amoebozoa) and its Phylogenetic Implications. Protist 172(2):125805. 

  • Treviño-Zevallos, I.; García-Cunchillos, I.; Lado, C. 2021. New records of Myxomycetes (Amoebozoa) from the tropical Andes. Phytotaxa 522(3):231-239. 

  • Ronikier, A.; García-Cunchillos, I.; Janik, P.; Lado, C. 2020. Nivicolous Trichiales from the austral Andes: unexpected diversity including two new species. Mycologia 112(4):753-780. 

  • Wrigley de Basanta, D.; Estrada-Torres, A.; García-Cunchillos, I.; Cano Echevarría, A.; Lado, C. 2018. Didymium azorellae, a new myxomycete from cushion plants of cold arid areas of South America. Mycologia 109(6):993-1002. 

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