Alberto J. Coello
  • PhD Student (FPU fellow)
  • Speciality:

    Evolución, biogeografía, islas oceánicas

  • Geographical region:Mediterranean region, Macaronesia
  • Line of research: Plant evolutionary biology
  • Professional profile

    My thesis is focused on reconstructing colonization patterns of several plant species from the Canary Islands, an oceanic islands archipelago that can only be reached by organisms through long-distance dispersal events. To that end, I apply a multidisciplinary approach based on phylogenetics, phylogeography, population genetics and species distribution modelling. All of these techniques are applied for both insular species and their relatives from the Mediterranean Region. Additionally, I also worked on lichen physiology, specifically on the physiological response of lichens to oxidative stress.




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    Selected Publications
  • Coello, A.J.; Fernández-Mazuecos, M.; Heleno, R.H.; Vargas, P. 2022. PAICE: A new R package to estimate the number of inter-island colonizations considering haplotype data and sample size. Journal of Biogeography 49(4):577-589.
  • Expósito, J.R.; Coello, A.J.; Barreno, E.; Casano, L.M.; Catalá, M. 2020. Endogenous NO Is Involved in Dissimilar Responses to Rehydration and Pb(NO3)2 in Ramalina farinacea Thalli and Its Isolated Phycobionts. Microbial Ecology 79:604-616.
  • Blanco-Pastor, J.L.; Fernández-Mazuecos, M.; Coello, A.J.; Pastor, J.; Vargas, P. 2019. Topography explains the distribution of genetic diversity in one of the most fragile European hotspots. Diversity and Distributions 25(1):74-89.
  • Coello, A.J.; Leo, M.; Arjona, Y.; Vargas, P. 2018. Are long-distance dispersal syndromes associated with the conservation status of plant species? The Canary Islands as a case study. Mediterranean Botany 39(2):105-110.
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