Viky Culshaw
  • PhD student AFFLRA project
  • Speciality:

    Estimation of abiotic-time-dependent speciation and extinction rates with a specific interest in taxa that exhibit the Rand Flora distribution: Canarina, Campylanthus, Camptoloma, Cicer, Pl

  • Geographical region:Mediterranean Region, Macaronesia, Africa
  • Line of research: Plant evolutionary biology
  • Professional profile


    My research is part of I. Sanmartín's "Rand Flora" project. This project works to understand the existence of continental-scale geographic disjunctions across many African plant families. I am also collaborating with Jorge Lobo, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, MNCN-CSIC (Madrid) and T. Stadler, ETH Zurich.


    Currently I have two research interests: 1) Exploring birth-death diversification methods to estimate abiotic time-dependent extinction rates across unrelated lineages who share similar environmental tolerances. 2) Introducing genetic data into an environmental niche model (ENM) through the inclusion of phylogentic trees and their corresponding speciation and extinction rates, which have been measured from the trees with birth-death methods.


    The final aim of both projects is to test whether high extinction rates, associated with the aridification trend in the African continent starting in the Late Neogene, are responsible for the species poverty and wide biogeographic disjunctions exhibited by African plants.


    Real Jardín Botánico
    Real Jardín Botánico, CSIC. Plaza de Murillo, 2. Madrid E-28014 (ESPAÑA). Tel. +34 91 4203017. FAX: +34 91 4200157
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