Francisco Pando
  • Research scientist
  • Line of research: Fungi and bryophytes
  • Research Group:

    Biodiversidad, biogeografía y sistemática molecular de hongos.

  • Selected Publications
  • Assou, D.; Segniagbeto, G.H.; Radji, R.; Akiti, J.; Pando, F. 2018. Monitoring data of marine turtles on the Togolese coast during 2012–2013. ZooKeys 779:109-118.
  • Pando, F. 2018. Comparison of species information TDWG standards from the point of view of the Plinian Core specification. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 2:e25869.
  • Pando, F.; Heredia I, Aedo, C.; Velayos, M.; lloreet, I.; Calvo, J. 2018. Deep learning for weed identification based on seed images. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 2:25749.
  • Radji, R.; Adjonou, K.; Quashie. M.L.A.; Sodjinou, K.E.; Pando, F.; Kokou, K. 2018. Togo National Herbarium database. PhytoKeys 109:1-16.
  • Aedo, C.; Pando, F. 2017. A distribution and taxonomic reference dataset of Geranium in the New World. Scientific Data 4: e170049.
  • Heredia, I.; Lloret, L.; Marco, J.; Pando, F. 2017. A workbench for species identification based on images and deep learning techniques. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 1:e20569.
  • Izquierdo, J.L.; Pando, F. 2017. The algae names and collection of the Spanish Phycologist Pedro González Guerrero. Anales del Jardin Botanico de Madrid 74(1):e47.
  • Pando, F. 2017. Quantifying quality: the "Apparent Quality Index", a measure of data quality for occurrence datasets. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 1:e20533.
  • Pando F.; Dueñas M.; Lado C.; Telleria M.T. 2016. The Flora Mycologica Iberica Project fungi occurrence dataset. MycoKeys 15:59-72.
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