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Ricarda Riina
  • Research scientist
  • Speciality:

    Sistemática, evolución, biogeografía, Euphorbiaceae, florística.

  • Geographical region:Worldwide
  • Line of research: Plant evolutionary biology
  • Professional profile

    My research is focused on the systematics and evolution of species-rich plant lineages. I use molecular phylogenetics to address questions about evolutionary history, morphological evolution, and to unravel patterns of species diversification and geographic distribution of the mega-diverse and widely distributed genera Croton and Euphorbia (Euphorbiaceae). I am interested in understanding the intrinsic and extrinsic factors involved in the process of species diversification and whether key adaptations or/and ecological opportunities have triggered explosive diversification events in the evolutionary history of those lineages. Other questions that I am starting to address are related to the evolution of floral morphology in Croton and its possible relation to changes in pollination systems. Finally, part of my work also involves the construction of taxonomic classifications of lineages within Euphorbiaceae using a phylogenetic framework but considering morphological patterns.  In doing so, I also conduct taxonomic revisions of selected groups, contribute to regional floras and checklists, and describe new taxa.

    Selected Publications
  • da Silva, M.J.; Feitosa, G.L.; Riina, R. 2021. Seek and you shall find: rediscovery of the Brazilian Euphorbia burchellii (Euphorbiaceae) after nearly a century and a half, with a conspectus of Euphorbia sect. Anisophyllum species in the state of Goiás, Brazil. Phytotaxa 479(1):83-94. 

  • da Silva, O.L.M. Braun, P.; Riina, R.; Cordeiro, I. 2021. Three new species of Euphorbia subgenus Chamaesyce (Euphorbiaceae)endemic to Brazil. European Journal of Taxonomy 733:72-86. 

  • Masa-Iranzo, I.; Sanmartín, I.; Caruzo, M.B.R.; Riina, R. 2021. Skipping the Dry Diagonal: spatio-temporal evolution of Croton section Cleodora (Euphorbiaceae) in the Neotropics. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 197(1):61-84. 

  • Moonlight, P.W.; Banda-R, K.; Phillips, O.L.; Dexter, K.G.; Pennington, R.T.; Baker, T.R.; De Lima, H.C, Fajardo, L.; González-M.; R.; Linares-Palomino, R.; Lloyd, J.. Nascimento, M.; Prado, D.; Quintana, C.; Riina, R.; Rodríguez M.; G.M.; Villela, D.M.; Aquino, A.C.M M.; Arroyo, L.; Bezerra, C.; Tadeu Brunello, A.; Brienen, R.J.W.; Cardoso, D.; Chao, K.-J.; Cotta Coutinho, Í.A.; Cunha, J.; Domingues, T.; do Espírito Santo, M.M.; Feldpausch, T.R.; Ferreira Fernandes, M.; Goodwin, Z.A.; Jiménez, E.M.; Levesley, A.; Lopez-Toledo, L.; Marimon, B.; Miatto, R.C.; Mizushima, M.; Monteagudo, A.; Beserra de Moura, M.S.; Murakami, A.; Neves, D.; Nicora Chequín, R.; de Sousa Oliveira, T.C.; de Oliveira, E.A.; de Queiroz, L.P.; Pilon, A.; Marques Ramos, D.; Reynel, C.; Rodrigues, P.M.S.; Santos, R.; Särkinen, T.; da Silva, V.F.; Souza, R.M.S.; Vasquez, R.; Veenendaal, E. 2021. Expanding tropical forest monitoring into Dry Forests: The DRYFLOR protocol for permanent plots. Plants People Planet 3(3):295-300. 

  • Riina, R., Villaverde, T., Rincón-Barrado, M., Molero, J., Sanmartín, I. 2021. More than one sweet tabaiba: Disentangling the systematics of the succulent dendroid shrub Euphorbia balsamifera. Journal of Systematics and Evolution 59(3):490-503. 

  • Rincón-Barrado, M.; Olsson, S.; Villaverde, T.; Moncalvillo, B.; Pokorny, L.; Forrest, A.; Riina, R.; Sanmartín, I. 2021. Ecological and geological processes impacting speciation modes drive the formation of wide-range disjunctions within tribe Putorieae (Rubiaceae). Journal of Systematics and Evolution [in press]. 

  • Vitarelli, N.C.; Somavilla, N.; Ferrari, F.B.; Silva, M.R.E.; Soares, E.M.; Silva, O.L.M.D.; Riina, R. 2021. The Amazonian Croton mollis (Euphorbiaceae): morphology and leaf anatomy help to understand its preference for the extreme igapó habitat. Flora 281:151878. 

  • Marques Da Silva, O.L.; Antar, G.M.; Riina, R.; Cordeiro, I. 2020. Euphorbia adenoplicata, a New Species of Euphorbia sect. Crossadenia from Brazil. Systematic Botany 45(1):131-136. 

  • Mateo-Ramírez L.; Riina R. 2020. Croton calcareus: A new species of dragon’s blood (euphorbiaceae) from dry forest in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. European Journal of Taxonomy 657:1-14. 

  • Chen, S.-C.; Pahlevani, A.H.; Malíková, L.; Riina, R.; Thomson, F.J.; Giladi, I. 2019. Trade-off or coordination? Correlations between ballochorous and myrmecochorous phases of diplochory. Functional Ecology 33(8):1469-1479. 

  • Da Silva, O.L.M.; Dias, P.; Riina, R.; Cordeiro, I. 2019. Redelimitation of astraea lobata (Euphorbiaceae) and other taxonomic rearrangements in astraea. Phytotaxa 404(4):127-136. 

  • de Farias, S.Q.; Medeiros, D.; Riina, R. 2019. A new species of dragon's blood Croton (Euphorbiaceae) from Serra dos órgãos (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). PhytoKeys 126:13-24. 

  • Riina, R.; Berry, P.E.; Hube, O.; Michelangeli, F.A. 2019. Vascular Plants and Bryophytes In: V. Rull, T. Vegas-Vilarrúbia, O. Huber & J, Señaris (eds.). Biodiversity of Pantepui: The Pristine Lost World of the Neotropical Guiana Highlands. Academic Press. pp. 121-147

  • Feio, A.C.; Meira, R.M.S.A.; Riina, R. 2018. Leaf anatomical features and their implications for the systematics of dragon's blood, Croton section Cyclostigma (Euphorbiaceae). Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 187(4):614-632. 

  • Feio, A.C.; Ore-Rengifo, M.I.; Berry, P.E.; Riina R. 2018. Four New Species of Dragon's Blood Croton (Euphorbiaceae) from South America. Systematic Botany 43(1):212-220. 

  • Martín-Torrijos, L.; Gelder, S.R.; Diéguez-Uribeondo, J. 2018. A new kid in town: First case of an alien worm, Xironogiton victoriensis (Annelida: Clitellata) on a native European freshwater crayfish. Aquaculture 496:39-42. 

  • Riina, R.; Berry, P.E.; Secco, R.D.S.; Meier, W.; Caruzo, M.B.R. 2018. Reassessment of Croton sect. Cleodora (Euphorbiaceae) points to the Amazon Basin as its main center of diversity. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 103(3):330-349. 

  • Villaverde, T.; Pokorny, L.; Olsson, S.; Rincón-Barrado, M.; Johnson, M.G.; Gardner, E.M.; Wickett, N.J.; Molero, J.; Riina, R.; Sanmartín, I. 2018. Bridging the micro- and macroevolutionary levels in phylogenomics: Hyb-Seq solves relationships from populations to species and above. New Phytologist 220:636-650. 

  • Arévalo, R.; van Ee, B.W.; Riina, R.; Berry, P.E.; Wiedenhoeft, A.C. 2017. Force of habit: shrubs, trees and contingent evolution of wood anatomical diversity using Croton (Euphorbiaceae) as a model system. Annals of Botany 119(4):563-579.

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  • DRYFLOR; Banda-R, K.; Delgado-Salinas, A.; Dexter, K.G.; Linares-Palomino, R.; Olivera-Filho, A.; Prado, D.; Quintana, C.; Riina, R. 2017. Forest conservation: Humans' handprints - Response. Science 355(6324):467.

  • Nieto Feliner, G.; Álvarez, I.; Fuertes-Aguilar, J.; Heuertz, M.; Marques, I.; Moharrek, F.; Piñeiro, R.; Riina, R.; Rosselló, J.A.; Soltis, P.S.; Villa-Machío, I. 2017. Is homoploid hybrid speciation that rare? An empiricist’s view. Heredity 118:513-516. 

  • Pereira, A.D.P.N.; Riina, R.; Caruzo, M.B.R. 2017. A new species of Croton section Lamprocroton (Euphorbiaceae) from Southern Brazil. Systematic Botany. 42(4):830-834. 

  • Pereira, A.D.P.N.; Riina, R.; Caruzo, M.B.R. 2017. Rediscovery and sectional placement of Croton ichthygaster (Euphorbiaceae), a rare species from Southern Brazil. Phytotaxa 309(1):79-84.

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