Seminario científico en el Real Jardín Botánico, CSIC, el día 7 de abril de 2011 Monday, 04 de April de 2011 | Unidad de Cultura Científica

Programa Synthesys

Título: World Cladoniaceae
Ponente: Soili Stenroos
Día:7 de abril (jueves)
Hora: 12.00 h
Lugar: Salón de Actos
Resumen: Cladoniaceae is one of the largest and most diverse families of lichen-forming fungi.  It includes about 500 species in 12 genera.  The species comprise a significant component of numerous terrestrial ecosystems around the world.  Cladonia (reindeer lichens, pyxie cups) is the largest genus of the family, including about 450 species.  There has by now been an enormous effort devoted to the Cladoniaceae.  The Finnish E. A. Vainio published a monograph in three volumes (1887, 1894, 1897) and his work was followed by numerous regional treatments and revisions by other authors. More recently, Prof. T. Ahti and Prof. S. Stenroos and their collaborators, have made significant contributions in the field.  The center of Cladoniaceae research is at the University of Helsinki, which also houses the world famous lichen collections (W. Nylander, E. Acharius).  These collections are supplemented by those at the University of Turku (E.A. Vainio).  The international "Cladoniaceae Team" is now working on a phylogeny as well as a world monograph of the family.  Much of the sequece data for the phylogeny is currently under preparation at Real Jardín Botáco, with support from the SYNTHESYS.

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