Ecology, Conservation of aquatic macrophytes and Global Change: Publications

Feilhauer, H.; Schmid, T.; Faude, U.; Sánchez-Carrillo, S.; Cirujano, S. 2018. Are remotely sensed traits suitable for ecological analysis? A case study of long-term drought effects on leaf mass per area of wetland vegetation. Ecological Indicators. 88:232-240.

Rodríguez-Merino, A.; García-Murillo, P.; Cirujano, S.; Fernández-Zamudio, R. 2018. Predicting the risk of aquatic plant invasions in Europe: How climatic factors and anthropogenic activity influence potential species distributions. Journal for Nature Conservation 45:58-71.

Sánchez-Carrillo, S.; Álvarez-Cobelas, M.; Angeler, DG.; Serrano-Grijalva, L.; Sánchez-Andrés, R.; Cirujano, S.; Schmid, T. 2018. Elevated atmospheric CO2 increases root exudation of carbon in Wetlands: results from the First Free-Air CO2 Enrichment Facility (FACE) in a Marshland. Ecosystems 21(5);852-867.
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