Plant Evolutionary Biology: Publications

Agudo, A.B.; Torices, R.; Loureiro, J.; Castro, S.; Castro,M.; Álvarez, I. 2019. Genome size variation in a hybridizing diploid species complex in anacyclus (Asteraceae: Anthemideae). International Journal of Plant Sciences [in press].

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Cetlová, V.; Fuertes-Aguilar, J.; Iudova, S.; Španiel, S. 2019. Overlooked morphological variation and a proposal for a new taxonomic circumscription of Alyssum simplex (Brassicaceae). Phytotaxa 416(2):149-166.

Chen, S.-C.; Pahlevani, A.H.; Malíková, L.; Riina, R.; Thomson, F.J.; Giladi, I. 2019. Trade-off or coordination? Correlations between ballochorous and myrmecochorous phases of diplochory. Functional Ecology 33(8):1469-1479.

Culshaw, V.; Stadler, T.; Sanmartín, I. 2019. Exploring the power of Bayesian birth-death skyline models to detect mass extinction events from phylogenies with only extant taxa. Evolution [in press].

Da Silva, O.L.M.; Dias, P.; Riina, R.; Cordeiro, I. 2019. Redelimitation of astraea lobata (Euphorbiaceae) and other taxonomic rearrangements in astraea. Phytotaxa 404(4):127-136.

de Farias, S.Q.; Medeiros, D.; Riina, R. 2019. A new species of dragon's blood Croton (Euphorbiaceae) from Serra dos órgãos (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). PhytoKeys 126:13-24.

Fajardo, J.; Mateo, R.G.; Vargas, P.; Fernández-Alonso, J.L.; Gómez-Rubio, V.; Felicísimo, Á.M.; Muñoz, J. 2019. The role of abiotic mechanisms of long-distance dispersal in the American origin of the Galápagos flora. Global Ecology and Biogeography 28(11):1610-1620.

Fernández de Castro, A.; Rozas, V.; Fuertes-Aguilar, J.; Moreno Saiz, J.C. 2019. Demographic and dendrochronological evidence reveals highly endangered status of a paleoendemic woody mallow from the Canary Islands. Biodiversity and Conservation [in press].

Fernández-Mazuecos, M.; Blanco-Pastor, J.L.; Juan, A.; Carnicero, P.; Forrest, A.; Alarcón, M.; Vargas, P.; Glover, B.J. 2019. Macroevolutionary dynamics of nectar spurs, a key evolutionary innovation. New Phytologist 222:1123-1138.

Ferreira, M.Z.; Álvarez, I.; de Sequeira, M.M. 2019. Nomenclature and Typification of Names in the Ibero-North African Andryala arenaria (Asteraceae) and Taxonomic Implications. Novon 27(3):196-200.

García-Verdugo, C., Caujapé-Castells, J., Sanmartín, I. 2019. Colonization time on island settings: Lessons from the Hawaiian and Canary Island floras. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 191(2):155-163.

Lavor P.; Calvente A.; Versieux L.M.; Sanmartin I. 2019. Bayesian spatio-temporal reconstruction reveals rapid diversification and Pleistocene range expansion in the widespread columnar cactus Pilosocereus. Journal of Biogeography 46(1):238-250.

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Leo, M.; Lareo, A.; Garcia-Saura, C.; Hortal, J.; Medina, N.G. 2019. BtM, a Low-cost Open-source Datalogger to Estimate the Water Content of Nonvascular Cryptogams. Journal of visualized experiments, JoVE 145:e58700.

López-Estrada, E.K.; Sanmartín, I.; García-París, M.; Zaldívar-Riverón, A. 2019. High extinction rates and non-adaptive radiation explains patterns of low diversity and extreme morphological disparity in North American blister beetles (Coleoptera, Meloidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 130:156-168.

Moharrek, F.; Sanmartin, I.; Kazempour-Osaloo, S.; Nieto Feliner, G. 2019. Morphological Innovations and Vast Extensions of Mountain Habitats Triggered Rapid Diversification Within the Species-Rich Irano-Turanian Genus Acantholimon (Plumbaginaceae). Frontiers in Genetics 9:698.

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Skof, S.; Álvarez, I.; Pachschwöll, C.; Schneeweiss, G.M. 2019. Phylogeny and biogeography of the narrowly endemic Doronicum cataractarum (Asteraceae) from the eastern European Alps: Pleistocene origin from Alpine ancestors rather than Tertiary relic with southwest Asian affinity. Plant Systematics and Evolution 305(2):139-149.

Thode, V.A., Sanmartín, I., Lohmann, L.G. 2019. Contrasting patterns of diversification between Amazonian and Atlantic forest clades of Neotropical lianas (Amphilophium, Bignonieae) inferred from plastid genomic data. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 133:92-106.

Valtueña, F.J.; Fernández-Mazuecos, M.; Rodríguez-Riaño, T.; López, J.; Ortega-Olivencia, A. 2019. Repeated jumps from Northwest Africa to the European continent: The case of peripheral populations of an annual plant. Journal of Systematics and Evolution [in press].

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