Seminarios científicos en el Real Jardín Botánico, CSIC, el día 12 de mayo de 2016 Thursday, 12 de May de 2016 | Unidad de Cultura Científica

Programa Synthesys

Título del seminario: Trichome development and evolution in the genus Antirrinum

Impartido por:
Ying Tan (University of Edinburgh) . Visitante del Programa SYNTHESYS (EU).


Hair density is a major taxonomic character in Antirrhinum.  This genus can be divided into two main subsections: Antirrhinum (mostly bald species) and Kickxiella (hairy species).  Hairy species are covered with dense trichomes, while bald species only produce hairs from the inflorescences and early nodes.  Not only the trichome density is different, trichome morphology also varies among species.  To identify the genes underlying trichome density, we generated a near-isogenic line (NIL) by backcrossing A. charidemi (hairy) to A. majus (bald) for eight generations.  We found hairiness is determined by a single locus, which we named hairy, and bald is dominant.  We isolated a gene belonging to the glutaredoxin (GRX) family by RNAseq and Whole Genome Resequencing and validated that it is the hairy gene by VIGS.  The expression of the hairy gene prohibits trichome growth in plants.  Independent mutations of the hairy gene in this genus suggest that hairiness has evolved several times.

Fecha y lugar: Jueves 12 de mayo de 2016 a las 17:00. Sala de Seminarios



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